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Last Saturday night, came back from Malacca road trip late night. I took staircase up instead of lift since I wanna lose weight. WTH! Oh! by the way my unit is on 1st floor...hihihihihi. Opened the staircase door and .... Meowwww!!!! Meoww!!!! In the middle of the stairs...a sad looking cat and her four kittens making eye contact with me. WTH! Don't look at me...please!!! Don't look at me ...please!!! But we did!!! Otteoke!!! All of them look thin, sick and hungry. Aihhhh!!! I don't like cat. Can't stand the smell too. huhuhuhu..Otteoke! Otteoke! I went into my unit..put down my bag and my shopping haul from Malacca. But my mind keep thinking of that cat and kitten. Can I go through this night without thinking about them? huhuhuh... Knowing myself well...I can't! I know I am going to have a sleepless night, if I don't help them. They are not human. They are stranded at apartment area where people are very individual


I am that kind who always cautious when it come to maintaining my car. Not washing...k! I hate waiting for my car to be washed. So, can expect my car will full cover with dust and dirt. WTH! Yes! I feel embarrassed to this but the laziness is over that. kekekeke...**face palm** When I said maintaining my car..I mean to take extra precaution I don't stranded in the highway or by the roadside clueless if car breakdown or Tyre explode. I experience a punctured Tyre on the highway before and seriously panic to the max. I don't even think of calling AAM for help. I end up standing there scratching my not itchy head staring at that flat Tyre until the highway patrol came to the rescue. Last CNY, when I was getting ready to visit meet Jamie to Dom's house, I noticed my front driver seat tyre was almost flat. First thing , I did was to call Jamie and asked whether she know how to put air to car tyre. Yeah yeah...I ignorant of me. I never in my life di

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