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Many of us wish we can turn back time.  Everyone knows this is bloody impossible! Yeah! What different can you make anyway if you can turn back time? I was asked this question last 2 weeks...WTH! The question was totally unexpected. It left me scratching and cracking my head hard. Thinking hard how to answer this question make me frowned hard! Damn! Must be an ugly sight for that woman to see me that way. Anyway, the first response blurted out from my mouth without even thinking carefully.... "Can we really turn back time?" "Is it possible?" "I don't want to go back to old time!" "I don't want to change anything!" "Pass is pass!!" "Let us move forward!" "why want to think about something impossible??" "Why?" Why?" That woman who asked me the question...frowning uglier than mine...kekekekeke "I never met somebody response me in such a way

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