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2nd Day here

How should I write for my 2nd day experience here? Seriously I am not familiar with the road back home. I took almost 2 1/2 hours to reach home on 1st day and same case happened on 2nd day. The feeling??? Sucksss!!!! I can say hopeless case in term of journey back home. Traffic jam are so CRRRRAAAAZZZYYY!!! Yesterday night end up sat in with one of Fitness First Consultant. Yeah! again I am being difficult with people for not giving up my credit card details. The consultant got very frustrated with my stubbornness ahahahaha so end up one of manager in charge being called to convince me. Of course I still in rejection mood. They just gave up to my demand... yippeey!!! So today I am very positive to start my exercise. Ahahaha again see how long I will last. My diet is getting along quite well with Yong Tau Foo soup (strictly 3 items on tofu only) for breakfast and lunch. I opt to replace my dinner with fruit juice mix with wheat grass. I give myself 3 month for the result. How am I doing

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