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So jealous of Na Jeong when Chil Bong said this to her before he left for Japan... Chil Bong : " Na Jeong ah.... if we meet again few years later and you don't have anybody by your side...let's date... Seriously, so in love with Chil Bong at that moment when he said that! How I wish ...somebody say this to me. WTH!!! I am in fantasy world again..... Assssaaaaa!!! tomorrow is Friday!!!! Thursday, Fighting!!!! one more day to weekend!

Painful Weekend Coming

Yeah! baby.... its Friday Friday Friday.... My left arm hurt like crazy. I need to visit Wah Toh Tit Tar. Hope could help or at least can heal this pain. Don't asked me how my arm can come to this pain. I can't remember but it has been 3 weeks and from normal pain to abnormal pain. Now I can feel even my neck and my right arm infected with the pain. Every movement with cracking sound. Kluk Klak Kluk Klak Whatever pain ... I still want to enjoy my weekend. The lion in the office is well behaved this week. I need to extra careful. Anyway , just wait till next week he may show his real face. Finally this week the PA show up. Looking at her as if she is going for Project Runaway show. 3 inches sharp heels, Fashion sense consider a bit disaster with neon color pattern leggings and velvet dress, her foundation and powder almost as thick as her heels and she is the fairest among all like a snow white, she is talking with the high pitch tone and she gives you screechi

Amazing Friday Night

Mel's 21st birthday falls on 9th May 2009 which is Saturday. As usual once I stuck at home on weekend I will never want to go out again. So, I decided to throw small birthday party in the office for her on 8th May instead. I love to arrange theme party but this is ad hoc case. No prior proper plan so I can say its total fail plan. But hey.. just to comfort myself.. at least something for Mel! I walked to Tropicana City Mall ordered one Chocolate Cake (well you will never go wrong to choose Chocolate- my theory) and gave them the wording 'Happy 21st Birthday to Mel'. Then paid for the cake and off to get some drinks and other side 'throat junks' - my phrase for side menu. Finished all my shopping then went to collect my cake. Damn! the writing on the cake was so horrible. I refused to accept the cake! The sales assistant look so frustrated and quiet angry with me. Hello! I am the one suppose to show my frustration here no you.. mind your attitude. You suppose to

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