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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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How many days in HK??? mmm.... I feel I don't go anywhere at all since the weather is freaking hot. One day after my day treatment...I decided to take MTR all the way to Diamond Hill. No diamond here but the place is like a diamond in the middle of busy city. The 35,000 square metre garden built during Tang Dynasty. Serious this is like an oasis! Lovely park with unusually shaped of rocks and very very old trees, beautiful water ponds and bonsai garden.   I exit Diamond Hill station then can see bus station and next to it is Plaza Hollywood. Then just follow the sign to Nan Lian temple which require me to cross the road.   I bought this Japanese bento for my lunch picnic at this beautiful garden. I ate it near to one of those bench in front of this garden. Dare not eat in the garden scared got chase away...huhuhuhuh...hungryyyy wor!!!!   Serious!!!! Its freaking hot weather!!! Ngor beh tahan liao!!!!   My HK post is not

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