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My HK post just ended yesterday.... Next week will start posting Macau trip. Last Saturday was at Tropicana City Mall for my breakfast and lunch. I met with 2 sets of friends. All from different company ex office mate. Lazy to make few trips to PJ so I end up get booked at same day and different session but same place ...and of course!!! different restaurant.   1st session was at 11:00am at Kluang Station...Thank you to Mama Julie for treating me that morning!!!!! Oh ya!!! my friend Jack is getting slimmer and more handsome now!!!! Yeahhhh!!!! people not even 30 years...of course still presentable...hope not seeing him with big belly in another 10 years meeting. Great to catch up with my friends and start imagining on how to catch up with them if I am 50 years old which is another 10 years from next year. Am I still alive at that time??? mmmmm.... will I be able to drive all the way to meet them to catch up ...or they have to catch me up at where ever I am or t

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