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Painful Weekend Coming

Yeah! baby.... its Friday Friday Friday.... My left arm hurt like crazy. I need to visit Wah Toh Tit Tar. Hope could help or at least can heal this pain. Don't asked me how my arm can come to this pain. I can't remember but it has been 3 weeks and from normal pain to abnormal pain. Now I can feel even my neck and my right arm infected with the pain. Every movement with cracking sound. Kluk Klak Kluk Klak Whatever pain ... I still want to enjoy my weekend. The lion in the office is well behaved this week. I need to extra careful. Anyway , just wait till next week he may show his real face. Finally this week the PA show up. Looking at her as if she is going for Project Runaway show. 3 inches sharp heels, Fashion sense consider a bit disaster with neon color pattern leggings and velvet dress, her foundation and powder almost as thick as her heels and she is the fairest among all like a snow white, she is talking with the high pitch tone and she gives you screechi

Monday Blues

Wet Monday again. I am dragging myself to work. It took almost 3 hours to reach office today. Yeah! sounds crazy huh! Why is the traffic very slow when its raining? I wonder... People trying to be extra careful and drive slowly? or driver can't see the road due to its raining? or flash flood? or driver are still sleepy and unable to be in their right mind to drive faster? ah!!!! whatever.... I reached office and get my hot coffee to keep me awake. Yeah! its cold and my mind still on my bed. ehehe On my PC and checked my emails. huhuhuh one candidate I called interview last week wrote back to me, she could not make it for interview tomorrow but she will be available to come for interview on June 10,2011. Omo... why on earth you applying for job if you not available to come for interview? Are you on confinement or something? Anyway, thing need to move on fast. Hopefully my employee handbook briefing mission could go through by next week. Then I will be free to go anywhere I want to.

Dream Girl Search

Finally, Boss being upfront to me on his requirement for PA candidates. All the while he have been hiding the exact requirement from me. Maybe afraid , I will judge him. Hahahaha... if you never inform me, I already know la.... Rina, I want my PA : * Height not less than 5 feet 5 inch * Slender and fair * Well groomed and not conservative * Fluent in English * Street smart * Can handle pressure * Able to travel and can work independently * Beautiful looking * Hair at least shoulder length * Know how to handle people * I dont need another strong character lady in my office (basically he is referring at me. whatever!!!) * I need soft spoken but firm * Can handle me well. * you should know what kind of person I want since you are the one currently attending to my personal matters. While he is listing down his requirements, my mind is busy thinking - * you mean you want a Miss Universe with Degree is it? * do you mean you want me to find you a Mistress? * shall I start advertise in newsp

Back packing

Here goes the story... Open my email on Monday morning... my worst enemy shot an email on Friday night. Working late huh???? Yeah! since you are the only one working in this company the rest all 'shaking legs and booties'!!! Wakakaka... Anyway, talking about that nasty 200 words email as replied to just one email asking politely, 'do you mind forward me our existing HSE policy?' Not worth it for me to feel upset on Monday morning, especially when my temperature is already damn high (fever). Anyway, the best about him is... jeng jeng he cc the email to even my Boss! GOOD!!!!! very very good!!! you kill yourselllllffffff!!!! I don't need to do anything at all. His words tell the story... wakakaka...wanna roll off the chairs instead of mourning and feel upset about it! I win! I win!!! I feel tired like mad when my fever getting bad complete package with flue and cough. Ah! I can't drink and even eat medicine. Today I just hired one girl as admin&hr assistant. I

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