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Me so sick

I don't know what with me today. Totally feeling no energy. I woke quite early and just now went to send my car for medical check up and treatment here and there. Yup! hopefuly I could rely on my car end of this month. Stay healthy baby!!! Ah! the owner not so well at all...
Everyday break my fast alone... No appetite at all but if many people also make me headache. Sometimes don't feel like eating at all. When alone complain lonely but if married or have family worst... why? Imagine go back home see the same old face. again and again and again... boorrriiinggg!!! vomit blood! Sometimes I also don't know what I want. Aish!!! not sometimes but everytime hahahah ya one lost woman!!! I am very tired today... Tonight! is the night hahah tonight is the night to continue my LD assignment. Tomorrow submit then start to study product knowledge. Next week test jia yor jia yor Long weekend many many thing to do...


How to start this week post? Nothing interesting in my life and I feel boring Let me see...I just got back from my North trip. Not that great but just fine! Back to work overloaded as usual but manageable. Health not so good as I am feeling very weak and hope everything back to normal by end of this week as I seriously need to catch up on my studies and assignments. I just not in the mood to start anything but hey I still need to force myself or else..... Looking for swimming instructor to teach this fat ass woman how to float and swim. I need to swim to stay in shape and healthy currently all my exercise routine seems doesn't work at all.However , my biggest fear is to get into the pool. I can't swim without not getting in?? hehehe Let me go and soak my feet there first for a start. One toe in at one time then the whole feet in then walah... got in and float. Ah! the water very cold and how if somebody pee in the pool damn I will get itchy whole body.

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