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I am sick but still flying out

I was so sick this morning but still dragged myself out from bed to work. Trying my best to finish off my work but yet my body is totally against me. OK ! Fine...lets go back home ...body!!! Yeay...guess when you sick all the bad thing seems like magnet to you. It was jammed as usual...gosh!!! I noticed the car behind follow me closely....WTH!!! I knew it ! I knew it!!! this going to happen. He kiss my sexy butt!!! OMG!!!! This fella... Yup!!! as a single woman drive I shouldn't stop right... Oh well ...not that I proud because I just go myself in danger... I just forgot what situation am I right at that time... All I know when that car hit me... I just up!!! I get out from my car. Look at my car behind...then after ensure no damage....I glance at him..I mean the other driver..that fella seems not too care to even lift his butt our from that car or even say sorry... F!!! that arrogant fella... Wish you bad luck! I know I know...I am


What happened this morning? My 'baby' got hit by the 'sun rise' embassy's car. Damn!!!! My heart is freaking sick to see my baby injured. People may be thinking ...arrr such a small are alright and this kind of the damage doesn't matter ...nothing!!! Well you are not in my shoes at point of time ...I am facing it! Oh well let us learn this together base on my experience... When you are driving on the straight road? What I learnt? Although its straight road, and I am suppose to go straight, I still need to aware of impatient driver who dying to get out from the junction. In this event I shouldn't straight and follow my lane but stop and let this people out. Why? Because they are embassy people and their people is VERY IMPORTANT people to compare to ordinary people like us because we are LESS IMPORTANT! Others may think, my road I shouldn't stop to let them go. They should stop and wait for you to pass and drive out once t

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