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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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We come in a package

Wow! nice Wednesday morning traffic. If I know the road going to be this smooth ,I should have stop at that Petronas station to reload my smart tag. The balance is running low. I can't even enter KLCC with my smart tag. I guess they only accept RM30 and above. hahaha.. Look like everybody is back to their respective hometown. I am imagining everybody busy wrapping the 'ketupat' and 'bakar' the 'lemang'. I miss those days! I don't mean I miss me doing all those things. Hehehehe... me love to eat and being bossy around only kekeke... I am not one person who will get excited with baking the cookies or something. I like to see all those pretty cookies and listen to their fantastic name but not so very keen in eating those thing. Feeling a bit lazy to drive north on Friday morning at 3.30am but I oblige to do so. Today that fella aka my pot rice is flying out from Yangon to KL. Then tomorrow will be a hectic day for me. Hopefully don't have to be at work

Why me

Very busy today. As usual meeting and meeting, with clients, vendors and also staff. Sick of it ! What to do? When he said to others I am represent him when he is away. Basically , I am his eyes and his ears when he is away. For example just now stucked in the meeting , well talking about Finance is not a problems. Negotiating term is just a piece of cake for me . Then they talked about technical, I am trying hard to understand and absorb whatever information register to my brain and start processing the data. Well since my pentium is not upgraded and dont even have anti virus or security so more or less a bit corrupted. kekekeke.. When I updated him in Singapore on Finance side for the meeting, he then asked me about the circuits and codes. Hahahahaha again you are testing the wrong woman... kekekeke Based on my notes, I just read it out via the phone as if I am a pro and talking about it until he is speechless on the other end. kekekeke Thank God! its not the face to face updated, if

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