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CNBLUE - 독한 사랑 (Cold Love) [Mini Album - Can't Stop]

Jung Shin Chingu fall off stage during CN Blue HK concert early this week. I saw the youtube on him falling down... Aigo!!!!! Jung Shin, ya!!!! Jung Shin Chingu got very excited to touch his fan hand....he overshot the stage...and blop...down he go! Thank God! nothing serious happen to Jung Shin Chingu. All the best with your concert tour , CN Blue ! My favourite Korean band CN Blue mini album. I love Cold Love song. I love it.... I love it... The lyric are beautiful. I have been listening to this over and over again since yesterday Yeah!!!! wait until the third day of repetition then I go ...WTH! Just like how I fall in love with Big Bang Song, Blue last year. Then back to CN Blue , Still In Love. This year 2014, the first song captured my heart.....the award goes to....jeng jeng....CN blue, Cold love. This is my break up song with Lee Min Ho . WTH!!!! isk isk isk This song suit  for the Ice Princess.... Princess Cindyrina !!!! Big round applause to Princess C


  I am feeling Blueeeeeee!!!! Weeeeee......... my favourite 'Kkotminam' aka Pretty Boys' band is coming for concert in Malaysia.... CN coming to Malaysia in August 2013   Event : Ground Sale for BLUE MOON 2013 CNBLUE WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN MALAYSIA Date : 18 May 2013 (Saturday) Time : 10:00AM - 6:00PM Venue : Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur   For those who can't come to the Ground Sale, don't worry! They will open online purchase on the SAME DAY! Tickets are available at , from 3:00PM. You can also purchase the tickets at AirAsiaRedtix Outlets. I am saving money to go to Hong Kong for my leg treatment and Macau for suicidal experience at Macau Tower. So don't think can attend Oppassssss concert!!!!

I wish its TRUE

Last Wednesday is in the air again. I  always have this few minutes crush wohohoho...BAD GIRL attitude huh! Anyway this BAD GIRL .... is an angel muawahahahaha... She cause no pain to anybody but herself ... OK... let me tell you what I mean... I slept very late last Tuesday night  - 2am I guess...due to.... mmmmm can't remember  why... Same night I was at my dentist again. Yeah!!!! I am bless with very sensitive tooth. Visiting Dentist is like a must on every two weeks once. Spending my money there is like shopping at PRADA or GUCCI. OMG!!! Never been to those boutiques and I am imagining that...O Whatever! How on EARTH from Bad Girl, Crush come to dentist and how this relate...O well I don't know too. I am writing this entry base on what is in my mind right now. mind sure is hair wire right now. Everything seems so hell break loose huh! Well this is my diary.... I am free to write anything I want...even if it doesn't make sense. I wa

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