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I added this nuffnang poll long time ago. It was there...and I never bother to check the result. Just don't want to accept the reality if the it is 'zero' response. disappointed if it is 'zero'...isk isk isk. Last Tuesday, I was on the mood to explore my nuffnang and build up the courage to see the poll result. kekekekeke.... IMA so happy!!!!! At least got some response! My reader are so sporting. 1st Question : Are you a Dude or a Babe? Thanks Babe!!!!! Dude! you are missing out! hehehe 2nd Question : How old are you?  Well... mostly younger than me....isk isk isk ...feel happy or sad??? Thank you for your support! 3rd Question : What do you do for money? Mostly student...mmmmm...student can make money meh???? FAMA? PTPTN? Study loan? Scholar? Don't forget to pay back the money,k!!!! Overall satisfy with poll result. Young adult attract to me more than mature adult. Kpop and Korean Wave power! Than

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