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Something Different for your next Cafe' Visit

Café Culture in Malaysia The café culture across Malaysia is really blooming fast with their thought-out interior, staffs and baristas that are a lot more passionate about what they are serving you as well as the attention paid to the food quality. Not only are these cafés totally Instagram worthy, the whole ambience, the food and just everything about the cafés here in Kuala Lumpur is a must visit. I occasionally joined the club of café hopping. Seriously, there are many café around and I could say most of us are spoil with choices. Some good and some just up to par. Well? D on’t know which one to visit first? Here is a list to help you out. Namoo Café on the Park I am one big fan of Korean Food and Korean Dessert. If you are talking about trying Bingsu..... Namoo is the one place you can get a Salted Caramel Bingsu with a very hearty serving of chewy ricecakes, popcorn, caramel sauce in a 500ml measuring cup. Namoo goes all out Korean, serving an awesome rice

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