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What is the Difference between Skin Hydrating and Moisturizing?

Not sure about you, I only know about moisturizing rather than hydrating. I always thought Hydrating and Moisturizing is the similar thing.  Hydrating products are said to be moisturizing but its not the same thing. WTH! So confusing! I read somewhere and they said hydrating means the actual replenishment of moisture or water to skin cells. While moisturizing products keep the skin soft and prevent water content in skin from evaporating. With this both hydrating and moisturizer works well together.  Question which one goes first? Hydrating or Moisturizer? should replenish moisture to your skin before apply moisturizing skincare. Hydrating product comes first and follow with moisturizer. Does this means you need to apply 2 different products?  Well...nowadays many moisturizer comes with water-binding ingredients. So you need to check the ingredients before purchase your next moisturizer.  At age 40s its important for me to hydrate my skin well to ensure

Lose some inches with Hot Body Shaper Cream by Clinelle

Lose Some Inches Last April , I was so desperate to reduce some of my excess baggage on tummy area. Reason, I need to wear my old jeans. Don't expect me to wear skirt for my travelling. I would be like Marilyn Monroe by the beach busy manning my wind blowing skirt rather than taking photo. WTH! Seriously, was worries sick because most of my jeans was so tick and its not workable at all even after suck my tummy in by holding up my breathe. isk isk isk...This is the damage of sitting long hours in the office plus couch potato at night watching the KDrama. huhuhuh.. I remember losing some inches back then. But I end up spent RM3k plus for that at the slimming center. But...hell I am not going to spend that kind of money again. Not ever again! Lesson learn! My inches back up less than a month. There you go....the story move on! I remember there was once bought Clinelle Chili slimming gel. I love all about this one except for my hand super cilli hot after apply it on my tum


Just like all those South Korean Star, I can't step out from house without BB or CC  or DD Cream. Eceeewwahhhhh!!! So STAR!!!! I always a combination skin type and uneven tone. Just the thought of stepping outside and show my bare face without any coverage will make me losing the only pride I have in myself, CONFIDENCE! I heard about saying you need to look natural and plain and so on. Its not wrong to improve your look to make it better as long as you are not excessive in improvising. When you look your best, the 'lady luck' shines..... trust me. It works with snap of fingers! Of course your appearance is just compliment to your good attitude and heart. Earlier, IMA been living with oily liquid foundation and so on. When the BB Cream was introduce...IMA is the happiest woman. I am not alone to feel that way. Don't act hypocrite ladies if you say NO!  Then CC Cream and later DD Cream came into picture and now EE Cream too. Oh..for those who

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