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Weekend Enjoice

First week recruitment drive really exhaust me. Many types of people and mostly weirdo. An eye opening for me. I was sick with dry throat and dry cough. Damn so suffering! Doesn't stop me from having great weekend.... at least great at my own way. Here goes my exploration since last weekend..... Stumble upon this place beside kajang - putrajaya highway....called De Exel Garden Cafe... I don't know whether I got the name right kekekeke but something like that le... They are landscape consultant We can enjoy the peaceful environment while enjoying the food. food not so great to me though! While waiting for food..... When order this bluish drink I expected the outcome...sugar water with blue colouring and can fruitcocktail. Grilled cockles...mmmmm not bad! They claimed this is original muar mee bandung.... the taste?? two thumbs down...what a let down...:( Their in house specialty recommended. Fried rice with seafood. The taste is sweet and fruity... verdict? my two hand thumb dow

Belitong or Balitong

Balitung & Water Melon Juice Balitung Balitung So? What for Saturday? I am out of my house since morning. Yup! as early as 9.30am. Here goes my car servicing plan... gone. Next week morning then. I went to Cheras Mahkota waited for my potential downline. Appointment at 10.30am but she reached around 11.30am. mmmm... no comment :( Anyway, I was busy registring my VIP Shoppers to system and as well as selecting my maintainance products. Then do presentation to my potential and walah off to go for site recee. I went to Melawati and Wangsa Maju. I guess almost 10 years never been there. That place under seriously developed like nobody business not to mentioned they even have new Wangsa Walk! Fabulous!!! Then around tried DUKE highway and heading to One U. Thought of watching movie but end up do some window shopping. Too many human inside the shopping mall. Break my fast with juice work - Sping Clean - a mixture of Celery, Water Melon and Apple. Verdict : for RM8++ too many ice an

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