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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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I like it

I like today... Very peaceful and calm. Traffic was marvellous smooth. Back home and do some website checking then have light dinner. Currently, relaxing on my couch and watching The Myth by Jackie Chan. Never watch this movie before but look entertaining. I just want to enjoy every moment of today. Suddenly , I can enjoy my time like this. Is this good or bad? All the while I know myself as somebody who could not sit still to enjoy time. Sitting at Balcony facing the mango and coconut tree in bali last time is my first time enjoying my moment. And here it happen again... Tomorrow off for breakie with my old friends of 7 years at Bangsar Village. mmmm.... remind me of old time at Mont Kiara once upon a time. My alternate Saturday duty to round up the Shoplex like 'Jaga' but end up spending time at coffee bean for endless refill coffee until 1.00pm Bitter and sweet moment on my previous job. But its all in memory. Hope I could have peaceful Saturday too. Oh God! Am I too greedy

Crown Regency Escapade

I was waiting since 2pm this afternoon at Coffee Bean near Crown Regency. Yeah! waiting for delegates from oversea came here to Malaysia for Training under our company sponsorship. They are our client and they are government people. I sacrificed my Sunday afternoon for them. uhuhuhuhu... That Crown Regency place was ok except for narrow horrible parking. My car is too long and wide and I have problem getting down to basement and even getting my way out. Aigooo.... Thank God its free parking since I paid for these people check in. Yeah! talking about my wiating escaped.... play around with my new so call ipad and my ovi until the battery went flat! ah! flight delay.... Then when they arrived , I helped them checked in and when time to give that so call 'allowance' aka tut tut money..... ah.... I feel wanna vomit blood... hate and disgusting to do all this nonsense. Those hand who receive these money is dirty hand and their face all lo0k like a fox to me. too much and against

Apple Part 4

Finally! my Apple case analysis submitted just now. Nothing much I can do, other than keep my finger cross. Now concentrating to study for my 17th and 25th July 2009 exam. Tomorrow need to wake up early to do tyre allignment and battery checking for my Tae Bong aka my Car. Then need to go to Mont Kiara to collect my Case study for my 25th July exam. Collection time 10am to 1.00pm. I miss layparking at Coffee Bean , Shoplex Mont kiara. So i thinking to wake up early bring my LMP reading and have my breakfast there then collect the reading and come back home before 11.00am. Then do more readings and going out to KL Sentral in the evening to meet a friend.

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