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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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How To Enjoy Cheaper Fresh Brew Coffee At Your Favourite Cafe?

Anyone of my readers here starts their morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee?  You know the fresh brew coffee will take some of our rush morning time if we do it yourself. The best option is to get it from a nearby cafe to your office. But seriously this will cost you a hole to your wallet for a daily fix. isk isk isk. I recently discover awesome Coffee Pass Subscription at EatDrinkKL website. I gave it a try! I usually got too excited much earlier and click purchase without even read properly. huhuhuh..,.Thats just like me. (*face palm*) Shame on me! Anyway, my mistake will benefit all of my readers.  They have 2 types of Coffee Pass Subscriptions : 1. Classic 2. Prime Each type of Coffee Pass Subscription comes in 2 types of coffee choice : * Black Coffee - For those who prefer black coffee without milk * Coffee with milk - For those drinking coffee with milk such as Latte, Cappuccino You can choose to purchase in a package of 5,

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