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I am back!!!!! My post start with khmer food. I find Khmer food is interestingly almost similar with what we have in Malaysia, Thailand,Myanmar and Vietnam. Most of khmer food cook with khmer spices and coconut cream.     As you see above picture this is my welcome refreshment when I checked in. Clockwise : Caramelised Banana chips, Cold Iced tea with lime, Steamed glutinuos rice with sweet coconut wrap in banana leaf.   Hospitality industry remain competitive here in Siem Reap. Many hotel will provide you extra mile services to gain word of mouth reference from the visitor. Place I stayed provide free airport transfer (tuk tuk) from airport, free one hour khmer massage,free coffee ,tea,banana at bar counter and everytime back to hotel after day tour they will served banana chips,fresh ice tea and fresh cold towel. Most of staff will try hard to remember your name and chat with you.     From top : * Morning Glory aka Kangkung (I don't know tha

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