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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Last weekend, I was like craving for red velvet cakes. When it come to cakes...I am very picky. I don't eat just any matter how delicious it is. I have certain cakes that will suit to my classy or so attitude problem huh? That is why...when it come to birthday...friends around will have problem with my birthday cakes...and I prefer with no cakes. Oh well...the story for this post was about my craving... I found this cafe opposite Merchato, Pavillion. Newly open call Chapter Two. Just a humble small cafe. They serve fresh red velvet cakes. I seriously give this Red Velvet Cake at Chapter Two Pavillion....5 stars! So generous with my Stars!!!! This Red Velvet Cakes seriously bake with love and passion. The cake texture...really moist and solid. Not dry and crumble type and not too spongy. If that passionate baker could add in more cocoa powder in the will be more KICK! Its not sweet and you need to eat it wi


  I am feeling Blueeeeeee!!!! Weeeeee......... my favourite 'Kkotminam' aka Pretty Boys' band is coming for concert in Malaysia.... CN coming to Malaysia in August 2013   Event : Ground Sale for BLUE MOON 2013 CNBLUE WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN MALAYSIA Date : 18 May 2013 (Saturday) Time : 10:00AM - 6:00PM Venue : Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur   For those who can't come to the Ground Sale, don't worry! They will open online purchase on the SAME DAY! Tickets are available at , from 3:00PM. You can also purchase the tickets at AirAsiaRedtix Outlets. I am saving money to go to Hong Kong for my leg treatment and Macau for suicidal experience at Macau Tower. So don't think can attend Oppassssss concert!!!!

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