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  We took tuk tuk for TB100/ each person for van to our hotel. Just buy the coupon at airport. Reached Hotel around 2pm.  Late check in so late lunch. While waiting for late lunch ...the coconut ice cream is calling... The food I ordered for family...since all don't want to make decision...there you go...freaking spicy seafood tomyam , seafood salad and fried chicken for them. After late lunch...let them rest in the hotel then me...went down for 2 hours massage...serious only cost me 300 baht for 2 hours. Late evening...went out to Asean Trade Market...thought of walking and look around...but since came here with old people ...after almost 20 minutes journey by tuk tuk. I only can walk around here for around 10 minutes. Mum said..nothing to see here and nothing to buy...ooooo ok... Go back hotel and pack some food for them. food was sucks!!! My sis bought fried fish paste and the taste was sucks!!!! serious

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