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I have not do any health screening for quite sometimes... I think my last was around 3 years ago... Wow!!! since I am reaching 40 in next 2 years so I think health screening is necessary now... My first choice was at BP Health but hey what to do since they are so so 'efficient'... * not replying to online appointment through their website...duh!!!! what for to have such service but unable to do the replying! * call them at my choice of branch...Cheras the nearest but that lady who answer my call is like don't want business. She just say they are busy and no appointment slot for my choice of date. don't even want to give me alternative. WTH!!!! * Such a great customer service you have there BP Health... After long reasearching for other alternative and Health Screening Packages.... I choose Gleneagles HSC. It took me 1 month before to get an appointment with them. One thing is they respond to their online appointment. During the screening day...w

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