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Will I be remembered

Once I heard this from a friend around 7 years ago... Friend : Na! (she call me Na short form from Rina) I feel I am getting old. Me : Why? You are just 26 years old! Friend : I remember last year when I read newspaper I will start with Metro section page and then National then sports. But lately I started with Obituary. I hope not to see anybody I knew here. I don't response to her at all but just stare at her with my blank face. That time , all this doesn't make any sense to me. But today, I can feel it! I was reading the newspaper and then obituary section. Looking for the dead. The announcement from the love ones. I also hope I will never come across anybody I know in this section. Maybe my time will come soon....God want remind me to be a good lady and I am on the way to see him soon...... You never know. Maybe later? tomorrow ?or maybe next week? or next month? or next year? It can happen anytime he like to call me. One post really touch to my heart and soul. It is on Dan

Continue living

Sleepless last night! Think too much until my head feel wanna blow up. I never experience this extreme pressure to myself. Woke up and make myself cup of black coffee... sitting on my cozy sofa and continue thinking. My mind is like computer with words coming through numbers and even a flash back to history on what I have done and how I should handle the situation... some with regret and some came up with sweet memory... many with sad one....Why I can't make my life simple like others? Why I need to think so much? Ah! what make me think only me busy thinking??? I believe all of us did and most of us will come to this point! All the why and why keep coming to my mind... and I realise it is already morning...ah! another day to go through... another additional day to my age...mmmmm my 40's is closing and coming nearer.... I feel I dont achieve my dream yet... Living is pretty extreme and it is no joke. After life preparation is critical because no 'u' turn and uncertain fa

Me without my smile

Me at almost 35 years old - still single and with career lead me to no where..:( Interesting.. I was looking back at all my photos, this is the only photo without me showing my outstanding big front! even my mykad and passport photo can see my front teeth.. Look quite sad though.. yeah! this because I am going off to sit for exam right after the photo hehehe yeah ! still can take photo eh? I just love doing all this crazy stuff to make me happy a bit. For this case I am sitting for my Competitve Strategy paper , you think I still can be showing my teeth?? Now since the exam is over.. I still can't enjoy my break period since my new study term starting. Very fast! I have 4 more papers to go.. I just downloaded my new subject online readings and maybe will print tomorrow. My next class is next week. I have been in a sleepless night these days due to doing too much of thinking. Yeah! again me and my looking forward to the future. Very nervous on what will happen next ... Ho

3 days to go

I am so freak out right now! 3 days to go.. I am still in that usual day and night dreaming mood. Everything seems to be not registered to my head! Aishhhh!!! I am so angry with myself. HR here HR there but I seems to .. DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO??? And another week to go I have this CS coming up and Toyota Strategy to analyse! Oucchhh!!! I need to pinch myself hard and wake up from my dreaming mood. Vow myself not to update my blog in another week!!!! I will stay focus and study smart!!! GOD BLESS ME!!!

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