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My First Time Baking Oksusu Ppang

Lately, I have been neglecting fibre intake. I did took some but not enough for my age. Now that I have sometimes to spend to look after myself...isk ..isk...sounds like busy bee huh? I am trying my best to add in more fibre into my daily diet. I also try my best to avoid starchy base food. No bread for me. Bread the easiest for breakfast though. While pay is good too but not big fan of those. So I look for alternative. I remember first ate corn bread in Seoul. I bought in one bakery near some old street. They call corn bread as Oksusu Ppang in Korea. I love the plain and traditional taste of this bread. I decided to bake this myself since I can't find this sell anywhere on bakery shelf here in Malaysia. Gotten the recipe at Maangchi the famous Korean food  cooking youtuber. Very simple and easy recipe.  Ingredients for Corn Bread Oksusu Ppang :-  * corn meal * milk * egg * vegetable oil but I opt for coconut oil * sea salt for some taste or whatever salt y

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