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Myanmar is hot destination on the Southeast Asia travel. 90% of the population is Buddhist. Therefore, their main attraction are mainly pagodas, reclining Buddha, monk and nuns.If you travel to other state of Myanmar you will see the Hindu influence to some of their pagodas and history. They recently opened its doors to tourism and since they are still at pre mature stage, travelling here will be a lot of challenges. When you are travelling to Myanmar, you need to be prepared mentally with many things. 1. BRAND NEW DOLLAR BILLS   They need to have crisp, unmarked and basically new dollar bills. They will not hesitate to just reject your dollar although with just a little creased on it. I encounter this when paying my hotel fees during check in. To my eyes nothing wrong with my dollars. I guess their eyes is really sharp for that. Basically , bring the newest, mint condition dollar notes as if it just got printed out from the machine.   2. NO CREDIT CARD MACHINE   Don&

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