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When people do bad things to do I feel??? Of course I angry and hate... I am just a human... This is normal people first reaction. That was me long time ago... I am now trying my best to forgive... What??? Forgave??? For what they has done to me??? I am now thinking.... I don't have much time left to live in this world... I don't want to spend what little time I have left to live on hating someone... Waste my effort! What matter the most now is my very last emotion that I feel before I leaving this world. I don't want it to be such an ugly emotion such as that...HATE? That is why I am trying my best to forgive whoever hurt me.... Oh! well... I am not forgiving them because I think they are GREAT person..... I just don't want to waste my life by filling it with HATE for someone... I can only LIVE once! Even if I choose to spend it filled with LOVE...... It still wouldn't be enough!! < MODE POSITIVE MIND> still

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