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Yes! This week I will conclude my Hanoi travel log. long huh? Sick and lazy is my reason for taking that long!   I spend second last day with touring the city of Hanoi. Oh! well to be exact is wondering around the 'Old Quarter'.   Befor going for breakfast.....muahahahaha...'selca' selca' selca'     Thick strong Viet Black coffee....eyes wide awake at night with just one cup of those!   Love this western style breakfast and I am in Hanoi! So this traditional breakfast rice pancake with mushroom...bland but fresh taste! Oh well...taste like Chee Cheong Fun !!!     From my City tour bus...I can see the view of Hanoi people activities early in the morning.   This is where they have breakfast!!! Look like as if they are squatting down! Their breakfast mainly, Pho or rice pancake or glutunious rice with ground peanuts.   or they with have this French style bread sandwich w

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