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Second night.... finally Taiwan Uncle and Auntie finished silk shopping... Reach..hotel still not dark yet...tonight don't care need to hunt for Vietnamese famous Pho'.     many people says this to me...if you want to cross the street in just need to close your eyes and walk and walk and walk..the motorist will avoid you... Who is so crazy to follow that ho??? Me??? No up trying to find local who want to cross the street and follow beside them... die die together lor!!!! If you wait to cross the street with hope the traffic will stop???? Huh??? go back hotel and sleep better le... they will never stop for you !!!   If in Malaysia....mamak shop by the street with plastic chairs and table Seoul with all those plastic cover tent... Then in Vietnam...this lowered plastic stool is their layparking place....there there in the simple...very difficult to walk..   more place to eat...but me feel this is dirty.

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