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Happy or Sad

First, I want to thanks Nurul and Milochell for congratulate me. Never expect a stranger congratulate on my blog! New friend suddenly.... love it!!!! Blogger pal are welcome ...:) Thank you thank you xie xie ni...:) I received an email from my uni for graduation date on 30th Mar at Adelaide, Australia. I can go on if I want to... but my mix feeling come along... I feel afraid to take the scroll on the stage. Worst thing I will be at foreign country and people around is totally stranger. What if my nervous breakdown come? What if I fell on the stage in front of this people? I think I will end up suicidal due to humiliation right after the graduation :) Maybe I will just collect my scroll from their KL office. Then take photo at studio.... may be do some sort like wedding shoot.... ahahahaahaha since I am not going to have a wedding... this may be a good crazy idea....:) 31st Mar will be going to Shanghai! Heard the weather is very cold up there... mmmmm guess need to spend more money fo

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