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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Application for China Visa is superb fast!! I went to Chinese Embassy on Monday morning to submit application form & passport.  The whole process including waiting for your turn only took 15 minutes. I go through normal process collection after 4 days. This morning went there again show them the receipt. Then make payment RM58 and collect my passport with Visa endorsement on it. Again the whole process took me only 15 minutes. Whoaaaaa!!!! Superb efficient. All counters are open and none of the counter are close which contribute to their fast service.  I like Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

Friday please come

Suppose to be 'Wordless Wednesday'! I still need to talk... Friday please come... I need a loooooonnnngggggg breakkkkkkk.... then I will be in Beijing visiting Great Wall and forbidden city.


Not only me but most of Malaysian is dragging themselves to office this morning. hahaha Yup! long long weekend coming. Yesterday I had movies marathon again. This time watched 2 movies in a row. Started with my choice 'Rising of the planet of the apes' and 'Cowboy and Aliens' which is my friend's choice. I don't really favor Cowboy movie. For me they are dirty! dusty! and yucky for me.... That apes movie is an eye opener and make us realize we are not the only intelligent with feeling species in this planet. Conclude my Sunday with lots of good food to eat. Starting with sweet cherries for appetizer,  then have a nice Penang Nasi Lemak with my favourite spicy fish and sweet potato fitters as my dessert. Well not really a dessert but snacks. hehehe... Thank you God for giving me good food to eat. Hope you could help and give food to the less fortunate too. Hope through out this week I could achieve a lot in works too. Still think

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