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Krabi 2nd Day - Hot Spring

Another half and hour journey ... Hot Spring This is the cold water...look dirty and donno how deep...nobody dare to jump in kekekeke still wanna live hahaha This is the hot spring.... and the love bird from France... Bon Jour.... Me... ready to go back soonest possible... too tired.. too crowded in hot spring pool and the space is too small plus inhygenic... we dont know what type of people sharing the pool with us...mmmm While waiting for others dipping in Hot spring... hei birdy birdy... From my eyes... Krabi Hot Spring... too many big fat people to capture from the other end.. dont want my camera to burst... kekekekeke I am bad huh! Krabi Guard Post! Half moon at 5.00pm in Krabi....unique scene at that particular time. end of 2nd day tour and tonight need to find tom yam kung

Krabi -2nd Day Tiger Cave 2

Natural Thai Beauty... hehehehe Finally found the budha after long hot journey... i saw one skeleton in the glass too but dare not snap photo coz afraid the soul follow me back... natural falls Unique floating root with leaves all over Don't really remember what the hell is this scene

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