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Education System or me

As mentioned in previous entry I am searching for candidates to fill up Accounts Executive position. Today I met up with 3 more candidates. All of them with Bachelor Degree in Accountancy with at least 6 months to a year. Their age between 24-25 years old and graduated from their Degree at least a year ago. I tested all of them with simple double entry. Ah! to my disappointment all of them received '0' mark. You will give them the same as well ..... Among answers received from them : * Expenses in Credit Balance * Sales in Debit Balance * Furniture & fittings is expenses * Debtors in credit balance .... and they are all graduate of Bachelor Degree in Accountancy. Ambition to be an Accountant. After having a hard time testing them on basic double entry, here are some of very annoying answer I received : Me : Do you know the questions I just asked you is basic foundation for accounting job? Candidate : Yes. But I never learn all those. Me : How do you earn your Bachelor Degre

I am a Graduate finally

I received my final result last Tuesday! One BIG hug to myself!!! I am finally MBA Graduate!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahaha I am so proud of myself. This is my biggest achievement after almost 16 years working like mad woman saving blood,tears and sweat money to pay for my tertiary education. Hug myself again.... As usual office job is very hectic.Many deadlines! Extremely... high expectation from my perfectionist and flawless Boss. Whom may still thinking he is Almighty! Myself working my butt out to meet the demand. I know I should may just ignore the perfect and flawless requirement but I just can't! Why I need to torture myself? because I feel irresponsible if I don't meet the demand although its sounds ridiculous! I can't explain but it is one type of ego in me and my Boss happens to know this is my weakness and he just love to torture me mentally! Ah! feel like a mad woman.. I am now busy taking care on my face heeling process. So far so good.. but my right cheek big dot

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