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I am speechless to myself

I feel speechless to myself on these two weekends. I feel time is not enough for myself. I feel I spend too much time on something else and not to myself. But.... what should I do if I spend time for myself apart from watching my mushy mashy korean drama then laugh or cry alone???? I need to find some useful hobbies rather than spend most of my time at shopping malls. Seriously last Friday back home very late night.... Suddenly other people problems become my problems... and expect me to do magic again. Well.... I should think about becoming a full time magician then.... Anyway, I don't give a damn about all this nonsense... I just want to focus on my July thingy. Hope everything work out well! My recruitment for receptionist position is a let down. Those attitude problem people... arghhhh!!!! giving me headache! Now I understand.... where we are now.... is all because of our attitude problems. They don't finish their studies. They can't speak well but yet they demand high

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