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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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How To Make Jjajangmyeon less 10 minutes

I always watch those actors and actress in Kdrama ate Jjajangmyeon deliciously. But when I ate this at Korean Restaurant, it's too sweet and too thick with starch. Totally not to my tastebud.  What is Jjajangmyeon? Jjajangmyeon is a Chinese style Korean noodle dish topped with a thick dark brown sauce made from black bean paste, pork and some vegetables. You can change pork with chicken or seafood. This dish usually describes as sweet and tangy taste. You won't miss out this dish if you are an avid Korean drama fan. Totally Korean people favourite dish. I just can't resist but want to try this out. I tried Jjajangmyeon at a few Korean restaurants. Totally don't like the taste because they made it too sweet. It would be better if the taste is less sweet, less thick and have a little bit of spicy after taste.  So....for the first time, I challenge myself to make Jjajangmyeon at home.  First, I bought the Jjajangmyeon set from Marimogo at my f

Spicy Chickpea Snack

Spicy chickpea * Can of chickpea (drain the water) put in the bowl * throw in dash of chilli powder,black pepper,salt,cajun spice to taste * add in olive oil then mix it well in bowl * spread out your chickpea on your baking tray then bake it for 15 - 25 minutes ( you can season with whatever spice you curry powder or whatever... my seasoning for this one base on whatever I can find from my fridge) Good snack though!!!! love it... ppssssstttttt this is my first time bake this snack hehehehe... read below my tragedy while preparing this snack kekekekeke... I feel like snacking something... Since I just got back home on Wednesday morning ...around 2:30am reached home after long tiring 2 hours and 40 minutes flight from Yangon. I am too lazy to drive out for food. Thought of ordering pizza but not worth it since I can't eat it all by myself and cost around RM40++ just for meal. Ahhhhh!!!1 I digged out on the kitchen and found this can of chickpea which go

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