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I feel Better

When I received call from my coursemate last night saying result for MF is out, I feel very nervous. I expected to flunk on this subject because it was toughed.I am very nervous to even look at the result. So scary! But when I saw the result, my tears started rolling down.. Oh! my God... I don't need to re sit! yeay!!!! Happy! happy! God Bless me! Thank you.. Thank you.. Although just a pass without a credit I more than happy and thankful... For E&I as expected I got it through smoothly and as long as I maintain credit in my result I more than happy. A distinction will be a bonus to me. So far manage to get through with all credits on 5 subjects plus 1 pass. Its tough though. Good! everything as schedule and hey finish my MBA on Feb 2010 .. here I come... I am planning for far away trip after my MBA. Adventurous Rina is going backpacking to London or Brisbane coming Feb or Mar. And for now... I need to concentrate on my new subjects which starting since 9th May 2009. Next week

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