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I leave my fate to you

When you are just a human... you have your limitation in many things. Last Friday is the down time for me and up to today I am still feeling down...hopeless..helpless... worried... sad...uncertainty... Nobody to turn to. Suck in everything to myself and my body feel numb, my chest feel suffocated and my head feel heavy. What should I do? How long more you want to put me on your test? Is this what my life suppose to be? When ppl said every ppl fate is written up there and decided... is it really true??? Then, why should we bother to work anymore? I should just leave it to you and wait for the outcome? Is that what I should do? I know I am lucky in a way for having a good life but I feel difficult to maintain everything. I am worried about my future... I dont know what to do now... feeling lost in direction.

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