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Home alone...and when feel hungry and lazy to drive out...I love to prepare simple and delicious food for myself. Yup! not so instant noodles fan since I am ageing this much!  I was watching 'Appa Oddiga' one of korean variety show. In that episode all the dad need to prepare their own noodles for young kids. I then find myself digging out my treasure in fridge...and see whether I can do some magic for my growling stomach. Sauce mixed : * Gochujang pepper paste which I bought from Korean Air last two years(still not expire yet ok) * Add in kimchi juice (I always made raddish and cabbage kimchi once in two months and keep this in my fridge for my consume) * Add in my plum juice enzyme (I made this 4 months proud of me hor!) * Mixed all this need salt since the gochujang mixed with salty bean paste and sweet and sour taste from honey plum enzyme is enough) * sprinkle roasted garlic sesame (i bought this from my Bagan , Myanmar trip last yea

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