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Being a small timer beauty blogger gives me a privilege to get hold of many types of brand beauty products. Some is really good and some of it is just average. I tried some most of it and Thanks God for giving me less sensitive skin.  I prefer skin care with easily absorbent to skin and non sticky one for my skin. I love skin care with sweet smells.   In month of June , I was invited for Mamonde launching event and this items in the photo is in the goodies bag. I have been trying out this products ever since. What is this? First Energy Essence 150ml - Retail price RM119 - This is a water type booster. It gives a refreshing feel upon application on skin. It suitable for combination to oily skin. First Energy Serum 100ml - Retail price RM119 - This is an emulsion type booster that provides nourishing and soothing effect for those with dry skin. You can purchase this once Mamonde Beauty Counter open at AEON Bandar Utama somewhere in August 2016. Both Ma


Told you... When I start shop....I just couldn't stop.... another damage for my wallet...muakkkksssss!!! It arrived last Friday direct from South Korea too...     This is my second purchase....I like this foot mask very much. Just wrap it around your feet when you go to bed. Unwrapped it the next morning... Your dead skin will peel off within 7 days....and wallahhhhhhhh.....your foot smooth like baby feet.....first purchase i bought 2 packs....then this time my greediness attitude went wild so bought 4 packs of this....and .... first time bought this hand mask... Not try yet...will post another entry when I am at second purchase!

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