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Good Bye Malaysia

  Bye Bye Malaysia     Tonight I overnight in plane :) I am flying to Seoul... Taking Korean Air 11:45pm I will reach Seoul at 6:05am on 9th Nov 2012   I will be exploring Seoul from 9th Nov 2012 6:05am until 16th Nov 2012

Happy Together

    Min Zhi soooo happy when I told her both of us going for vacation finally... We both pack up our luggage last night... Ready!!! set goooooooo.... to fly tonight!!! Good bye Malaysia... Both Min Zhi and me off to feel  and get freeze with the 'siberian cold air' together... Watched latest episode of Running Man and notice the weather was freaking cold there. The actors and actresses was wearing that 'ninja turtle' jacket like the one I saw at Uniqlo. I didn't buy any since to me it look ugly and I regret this.huhuhuhuh... Since yesterday, my cheek is hot and swollen a bit. Fever doctor said....mmmmm...when I am about to explore Seoul in this kind of cold weather??? Ahhhh..fever ...why come now???? bbbbbbrrrrrrrr....gggrrrrrr... Anyeonghasaeyo Goryeo and Kraze Burger!!!! We both going to eat kimchi tomorrow and get the feel of 'Goryeo and Joseon era! Stay tune and don't forget to subscribe to my blog to receive latest update on my jou

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