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amazing Exprerience

Saturday morning wake up for dentist appointment. Yeah my super amazing sensitive tooth make me can't eat for the whole week. Give me no choice but to open my limited wide mouth to my dentist. Diagnose : Previous root canal treatment is not a success. Doc tried his best to put more medicine inside and high chances I have to re do the treatment again. another two weeks need to see him again, Ah! money again. Currently , he settle me with antibiotic in and a temporary filling. Not to forget the 2 types of antibiotic to swallow for 2 weeks twice daily. Oh ya! as normal pain killer to ease my pain. uwaaaaaa benci nyeeeee.... Afternoon , enjoying a Wall Street : Money never sleep. Make me want to be one of them. Be greedy and never enough.Yeah! bad culture. I learn a lot from this movie. one of it is this N I N J A... No Income No Job & Asset. Well, most of us with income and with job but some of us with asset but yet we are at more liabilities than assets. I decided to create anoth

Krabi 3rd Day - The World Molluse Fossil site

I thought this is Pamelo but I was wrong! Mystery big 'pamelo'in krabi. dont know what fruit Cam Whore even when I am tired Drink coconut just now... then only I realise I was sitting next to Kancil. kancil in krabi? Its a small world after all This is Tsunami hazard place This is the fossil cemetary site amazing... Hot hot day! but the view was fantastic Walked on this hot path without my slippers.... I am afraid to be in Krabi prison because there is sign not to where slippers while walking on this site sample of the fossil The wave is amzingly beautiful fossil from near view soft shell... i touch them... proud ahahaha Hot day! I saw people buying this ice cream... Bread top with glutunious rice at bottom then coconut ice cream, attap chee, corns,ground nut and evaporated milk.... ah!!! refreshing and yummy yummy yummy yummy.... only RM2... wow better than paddle pop.

Krabi 2nd Day - Hot Spring

Another half and hour journey ... Hot Spring This is the cold water...look dirty and donno how deep...nobody dare to jump in kekekeke still wanna live hahaha This is the hot spring.... and the love bird from France... Bon Jour.... Me... ready to go back soonest possible... too tired.. too crowded in hot spring pool and the space is too small plus inhygenic... we dont know what type of people sharing the pool with us...mmmm While waiting for others dipping in Hot spring... hei birdy birdy... From my eyes... Krabi Hot Spring... too many big fat people to capture from the other end.. dont want my camera to burst... kekekekeke I am bad huh! Krabi Guard Post! Half moon at 5.00pm in Krabi....unique scene at that particular time. end of 2nd day tour and tonight need to find tom yam kung

Additional 1 year approaching

I was feeling nervous because my birthday is approaching another two and half weeks from now. Yeah! many of you may say No big deal! Its just another plus to your age... For me this is really a big deal. I was so worried! I have many things to achieve and time is running out. I just dont know how to start to get thing done. Getting started another story and getting there is another problem. Sat and Sunday I prefer to stay at home. I am not in the mood to meet any human on earth. I dont feel like talking to anyone. My trip to Krabi is the eye opener for me. I need to to this often so that I dont miss out. Air ticket to Jogyakarta only RM250 for 2 ways. I can go to Candi Borobodur... my dream place. Is this place will be my next trip? I dont know..... I may be unemployed on Dec so need to be thrifty. I am getting aging. My energy will exhaust soon. Earning enough its not realistic at this moment because it will never been enough. My work? As mentioned I never plan to stay this long at th

Krabi-Tiger Cave 3

When the weather is too take off whatever it takes.. Monk Cave house Look at that staircase... narrow Stay there doggy.... this is the punishment for biting ppl I am a good doggy

Krabi -2nd Day Tiger Cave 2

Natural Thai Beauty... hehehehe Finally found the budha after long hot journey... i saw one skeleton in the glass too but dare not snap photo coz afraid the soul follow me back... natural falls Unique floating root with leaves all over Don't really remember what the hell is this scene

Krabi - 2nd Day (Morning)

1st Breakfast - coffee!!!! Fresh morning... good morning for Jungle Trail at 8.30am While waiting for the transport... morning walk.. kangkung is everywhere... nice for stir fried with achovy Golden Dragon? Messy cabling Very messy and look dangerous too beautiful flower in Krabi Siam City Bank? 'Coma Medical Clinic??' Nope! its 'Loma Medical Clinic' They worship and respect their Queen & King. Their photos is everywhere!!! Friday Night Thai Boxing!!! Beautiful & unique flower!!! it blossom on the ground. I notice one guy collecting this flower. I imagine he collect and put this flower in big glass bowl with full of water and let this flowers float in the bowl This is how the flower look like before it falls onto the ground and bloom Messy signage and messy cabling 1st mini mart I found.... still in mood for Christmas or preparing for coming Christmas???

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