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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 1

Yeah! my recruitment drive start again. One of Accounts girl went missing after first month salary. Too tough I guess!!! Young generation nowadays even when they need money to survive they still opt not to work. They just could not take up the challenge and go for it when people are willing to train them. Anyway, end of last week start calling the candidate but I gave up after the second call. mmmmm... yeah! I am still a human with feeling and know how to give up. My second call goes .... Candidate : I am not looking for job and I never apply... I go arrrggghhhh!!!!! Is it mean I am the one who applied????? Arrrgghhhhh!!!!! Thats it! I end up change strategy. Shortlisted the potential candidates then use email and sms function from jobstreet . no more calling. You either accept or decline my invitation. I invited 20 candidates for 3 days recruitment drive interview which started today and will end my interviewing on Friday before 2.30pm. So far received 8 accepta

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