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Labour Day

Yeay! Labour Day.... no need to work.But it falls on Saturday. So siannnnn!!!!How nice if Labour Day is on Friday. More Holidays!Yah! I am so greedy...What for Saturday? I went for 'Ikan Bakar' at Jalan Bellamy behind Palace. Its Labour Day and only one Stall open so it was jam packed with hungry human. It was a very hot day too. Quite a challenging moment to dig in under the hot sun and my feeling is like eating in Sauna. However, it was a good freaking fish lunch. I finished with 2 paris and 1 cencaru. Ho Sek!!! Then off to Golden Triangle for a walk. Thought of trying my luck with Iron Man 2 tickets but as mentioned earlier, Labour Day!!! Many people in Labour ahahaha yes!!! too long to wait for tickets. So end up dig in Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert @ Pavillion. Refreshing and the feeling is Ho Sek!!!! However, I still preffer Honey Moon Dessert Bar that I tried in Shanghai! The dessert there is much more better! I went to Lot 10 and YTL Community is doing a ground promotion

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