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I took free shuttle from ferry terminal to Grand Lisboa...pheewwww...the shuttle drop everyone right to the door step of the casino... You basically step inside the casino .... and casino all the way... Damn!!!! feeling lost suddenly...the eerie feeling... I need to keep my mind strong...don't feel tempting of hitting that jackpot machine like those A Ma (Granny)!   I walk and walk ..keep looking for 'SAIDA' (EXIT) sign... cannot find also... Have to ask mind getting weak...Oh my...the dark force is pulling sit there... Drama!!! huh?? WTH! finally..I found my way out!     My bean milk curd!!!   The next morning...I mean not really morning...I went for brunch at that Xinjian Restaurant again...whoaaaa!!!!! this make me full until my 8:30pm flight! This time, I tried pear tea, xinjiang special lamb rice and of course my favourite dumplings!!!   thank God!!! I can check in my luggage from Macau


I more attracted to go to City of Dreams rather than Venetian City...weird!!! I just attracted to the name...from the name..I use my imagination...gosh seriously...I am disappointed with my own imagination...foolish me...   I walked from Venetian City to the City of Dreams...yeah!! with hope its more grand than Venetian City...foolish could it be more grand than the largest casino in the Asia??? haishhhh....     still couldn't find where is city of dreams after long walk... where is this city of dreams... look at that Golden Dragon!!!!! The big Dragon is waiting to make you pour out all your hard earned money!!!!   instead of indoor walking...I decided to walk out...then standing there outside the building... The door man look at me standing like clueless.... then he asked me...   Door man : " Mem! Is there anything I can help you??? Me : Oh! hi...where is City of Dreams???   Door man look puzzled too...ah! could it be ...he don'


I need to cross to Taipa to go to Venetian City . I took public bus to Ferry Terminal. Then from Ferry Terminal I took free shuttle to Venetian City. As usual in the public bus, I was called by one philipines woman....since the bus was full then I need to stand. That lady was looking at me...then slowly she keep saying this to me... philipines? philipines??/ I smiled at her and shook my no.. Owwwhhh!!! you look like philipines???? really look like philipines??? I just smile... yeahhh..people are looking at me...oh goshhhh!!! Indonesian??? she continue again.... I shook my head again with no no.. yeahhh...keep guessing!!! where you from???? she asked again... persistent to know where I am from??? huh??? I am from Malaysia!!!! Finally , I said it! Owwwhhh!!! she replied...face look like philipines... Me just smile and replied...yeah yeahhhhh...we philipines,malaysia,indonesia, vietnam,thailand,myanmar.... same face!!!   In my h

MACAU : RUINS OF ST PAUL AND MACAU MUSEUM final day in Macau before heading o HK then fly back to Malaysia tomorrow night! 'Kiasu' side of me... I need to make use of my final day today...I keep telling myself that...isk isk greedy!     I am trying to find way to Ruins of St Paul...but end up took the wrong alley...don't know where the hell am I!!! Gosh!!! I was there just last night...took the wrong turn...hehehehe   Finally found my way to St Paul and ...yeahhhh...they were dancing Portuguese dance under the hot sun! "Jingli  Nona Jingli Nona euquere cassa" Remember that song??? I only remember one sentence of those...used to sing this when I was little. If it is under cool weather...I would say lovely.... But...under the hot sun??? Pity!!! Can see their armpit sweat as they were dancing!!! kekekeke... was a good experience!!!! Happening!!!   If you come to Macau...don't miss this place...If you come here on Sunday like...they w


If you see the small dot on every picture....its not eye problem...its my camera finally came to final days...yeahh!!! time to change you baby! I don't really visited Ah Ma... I snap this photo while taking bus from ferry terminal to hotel. Yeah!!! hand busy taking photo right after I touch down Macau land! Don't miss the chance....I only have 2 nights...yeahhh...greedy side of me keep telling myself that...make use of every hours you have here...haiiiisshhhh!!! 'kiasu' side of me....isk isk isk Seriously the weather is freaking hot...most of the time. You want me to purposely stop and walk around this place???? hahaha....hell...I don't want to come back Malaysia look like yummy dark chocolate brownie. To me...this statue is influence of both Kuan Yin Goddess and St Mary Ok...this is to my all those religious people don't bash me, ok!!!! No hard feeling on this, ok! Chill out! Anyway, on what I read from Macau Museum... According to


Yeah...for someone who always talk about losing weight!!!1 There you go...the glutton side of me... I don't know why ...I was like hungry forever in Macau...after that Kebab, Hot cakes, Salmon Salad and Milk stomach is singing metalica inside...WTH!!!! I was walking back to my room...yeahhhh!!! too tired and hungry...found this restaurant! For the sake of I only have another day tomorrow...I want to try this...     Xinjiang milk tea, Lamien Beef Soup and Lamb dumpling...into my stomach ..that night!!!! There gooooo..... I broke my non meat diet in Macau! Back Malaysia ...I repent deeply! God Bless!!!!   Back to hotel...I heard the fireworks sound...Gosh!!! how can I totally forgotten about this???? I can't be running back out there from my room right??? Some more with my heavy stomach...full of food??? I miss out the fireworks show!!!! There are no more fire works after that during my stay!!!!! So hate my glutton side o


From small alley and peaceful place...I walked towards the main road...yeahhh!!! found this! Havoc!!! full of! eating!...yeahhhhh...this is how the human live!   Forget about the stream of human...under the hot sun ...I walked around while imagining...I am just alone there by myself. I use my 6 dimension thinking...while walking, I imagine myself walking around at Portugal - cobbled stones, colonial architecture and lots of chathederals architectures around.... Oh yeahhhh!!! I am in Portugal...WTH! The heat really ruined my imagination.... so hot!!! I really turned into dark choco brownie!       Egg tarts, almond cookies, ginger candies, grilled pork.. shop shop shop shop and shop...oh WOW!!!! this is life all about is it???? Eat , shop, sleep , gamble and on  and on????   Sea urchin's man!!! he so sporting!!! kekekeke   jeng jeng...remind me of Geum Jan Di in BOF scene...she just came to Macau to pursue Gun Ju


Yeah...finished my breakfast and lunch Kebab! as mentioned in my previous post...I just simply walked around without any definate destination... I found this place called Dom Pedro V Theatre. Beautiful place....really.... While walking around...I started imagine in the past....the people came to this theatre with all those fancy gown...yeah!!! the one like the ballroom dress...whoaaaa!!! wish could wear that too!!!! I imagine too far to the past!!!     This is the first western style theatres in China. This theatre also was said very important since many public events and celebration being held here. I love this peaceful...really make me think back the past!!!   Macau couple is getting married soon...this is their wedding shoot! Beautiful couple! I manage to witness this rehearsal....they are good!!!   Thank you Portuguese Ajumma!!! You take this shot for me! I was in front of St Lawrence Church...then my stomach seems growling too

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