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Yeah...for someone who always talk about losing weight!!!1 There you go...the glutton side of me... I don't know why ...I was like hungry forever in Macau...after that Kebab, Hot cakes, Salmon Salad and Milk stomach is singing metalica inside...WTH!!!! I was walking back to my room...yeahhhh!!! too tired and hungry...found this restaurant! For the sake of I only have another day tomorrow...I want to try this...     Xinjiang milk tea, Lamien Beef Soup and Lamb dumpling...into my stomach ..that night!!!! There gooooo..... I broke my non meat diet in Macau! Back Malaysia ...I repent deeply! God Bless!!!!   Back to hotel...I heard the fireworks sound...Gosh!!! how can I totally forgotten about this???? I can't be running back out there from my room right??? Some more with my heavy stomach...full of food??? I miss out the fireworks show!!!! There are no more fire works after that during my stay!!!!! So hate my glutton side o

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