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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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I more attracted to go to City of Dreams rather than Venetian City...weird!!! I just attracted to the name...from the name..I use my imagination...gosh seriously...I am disappointed with my own imagination...foolish me...   I walked from Venetian City to the City of Dreams...yeah!! with hope its more grand than Venetian City...foolish could it be more grand than the largest casino in the Asia??? haishhhh....     still couldn't find where is city of dreams after long walk... where is this city of dreams... look at that Golden Dragon!!!!! The big Dragon is waiting to make you pour out all your hard earned money!!!!   instead of indoor walking...I decided to walk out...then standing there outside the building... The door man look at me standing like clueless.... then he asked me...   Door man : " Mem! Is there anything I can help you??? Me : Oh! hi...where is City of Dreams???   Door man look puzzled too...ah! could it be ...he don'

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