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Last month , I received inquiry from one of my blog reader on micro current bunion treatment. I did it somewhere on Sept last year with Dr Milly Ng at Central Building, HK. "Hi Cindy, How are you ? I'm Anne, from Indonesia. I have been doing some research on bunion treatment and decided that I want to avoid surgery as much as possible. Then I found out about dr Milly Ng and the microcurrent for bunion and came upon your blog :) So please tell me, was the pain worth it ? Did the bunion come back ? I'm so worried that after spending so much money, the bunion comes back anyway. I love shoes, and my bunion is preventing me from wearing many pretty shoes :( Would love to hear from you. Thanks and best regards, Anne " Here I share my reply to her  and for those who are still contemplating about micro current bunion treatment. Dear Anne, I spent 5 working days for treatment with 2 session everyday. 1st session at 11am 2nd session at 6pm Yeah


I really have no time to re size and organize my photo while in HK recently. Maybe the post will be up next week.   Just want to share on bunion foot for those who don't understand why big toe become like that big. Don't blame just women who love high heel and because of this bunion foot develop.... BIG NO!!!! Not because of high heels. Even man has did man wear high heel??? No right!!!! Bunion cause by wrong walking habit and pressure to our nerve forgotten to straighten the big toe which result to the bone on side of big toe protrude out like my feet in previous entry.   I learnt the right way to walk with Dr Milly Ng in HK. Ah!!!! not like supermodel walking...but the right way to position our feet before and while walking.   * Straighten up your body * Try to stand as tall as possible * Tuck in your tummy * put both you feet flat on the ground close together * fill in all the gap in between of you foot * Press harder is yo

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