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Hot girl now.....Miley Cyrus grinding performance at VMA 2013... Gosh!!!! this girl really a hot topic now. Where is that Hanna Montana sweet girl look???? Is not that we are all that saint! But don't have to act in such away... I wonder what is her parent reaction watching this performance.. I watch the 6 minutes plus video....she look like she is high on drugs or something....     this is common attire...this is call hot pant??? or merely bikini??? whatever!!!   before she took off...   the best reaction from Will Smith and Family The bald guy can't bear to look...Goshhhhh!!!!   What ashamed.....really make me feel disgusting on all your other song too...You don't need to act this way to grab attention...there are many other way to increase your popularity....   I miss Miley!!!!   Watch her here and enjoyyyyyy

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