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Small appreciation

I have been working with many bosses for my 16 years working experience through out my life. Some I label them as evil, witches,bitches,stupid, idiot and not to forget the most charming one :) Yeah! I am trying to be honest here. Not all of us love the person we work with. Most of the time we bitch about them. Why? May be we failed to understand why they behave in such a way and make us hate them. Try to be boss on your own and feel the pain of people to hate you. You are not boss if everybody loves you. You are a boss if you have a combination of hate and love. (my opinion only ok) Well among all the bosses, I have one boss that I wish I could understand him more. He is not the most perfect Boss and he has his own limitation too. I remember him because there is some chemistry that I feel when with him which is still mystery until now.I guess it is also call fate. He support me all the way by giving me good recommendations for my MBA course (I graduated last year) and to all headhunte

Malacca Trip - Part 1 orchids

Last week try to remain calm and not to panic over work and problems comes along the way. Almost work..Basically , doing my normal routine and getting more scare about death! This is what I call calm in my term? Thinking about death? Actually, more towards future and of course my readiness to face my end of life too... Sounds heavy? Well let forget about all this and back to current life. Last Saturday, woke up early. I did my normal Yoga routines and exercise. Then doing some cleaning. I was out from my home by 11.15am to Mont Kiara to collect my transcript. Then a friend of mine invite me to Malacca. I accepted with my open heart and open mind. Jonkers Walk is part of our normal itenaries. However, this time we are more closed to nature and historical footprints. Our 1st destination is botanical garden. I was so excited to reach Botanical Garden finally. It was so beautiful scene and I feel like walking through the enchanted wood. Here are some caption at the entrance of botanical ga

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