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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Fasting Month -People behaviour

This is my view of people nowaday, during fasting month and this is unforgiven and at the end serve no purpose for their suppose to be a good cause....

You drunk I drunk

I was working late again last night. By the time driving out from car park my mind and whole body was very tired. My stomach was singing rock and roll and I realize I don't have dinner. Ah! sorry my dear stomach I am so tired to feed you. I was driving on the 4 lanes highway back home. Then I noticed this black car in front of me was swaying to the left to the right and then to the left and then to the right. Yeah! I mean swaying to the next and next lane. I thought I am too sleepy and my eyes didn't see it right... I blink my eyes 3 times and the car went to the left to the left then to the right to the right... aikkkkk???? I need to over take this drunk man. I dare not honk him. God know who is that man behind that steering in front of me. If I honk him then he got angry and take out his gun and shoot me??? I died without even have chance to say Saranghae to Lee Min Ho. Noooo!!!! I can't let this happen. Since no other car behind him except for me the lon

A Witch Story

I was travelling to work this morning and the traffic was horrible. Not to mentioned on the jumping queue drivers who really testing my morning patience. Another type of driver who always trigger my anger is the one driving like 20km/h style or literally don't want to move. Tortoise case! I was trying my best to control my terrible temper. Keep thinking about tolerance then karma and many things while driving at that crawling morning. If I have skills in animation, I would draw a cartoon on the whole situation. I will make the whole situation as nasty possible and make all this people to pay for their sin. Hehehehe I consider myself Saint in this situation kekekeke... If I am A WITCH with great Magic Scene 1:- Then one car coming from the back and trying to cut the queue. I will then just wink my left eyes and crush that car and toss it to the road side. and the driver go....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrkkkkkkkk Scene 2:- I was trying to change lane from right to left but the motorcyclis

Malaysian Driver

I am facing the traffic and on the road for at least 3 hours everyday. What fascinate me is the way our drivers manage their way on the road (including me of course) Based on my observation the way we drive is who we are in managing our life or even at work. There are many type of drivers out there. Here are the list : 1st - The opportunist 2nd - The fickle minded 3rd - The emotional 4th - The Hot temper 5th - The Road King 6th - The Dreamland 7th - The Honey sweet 8th - The Chillis 9th - The Dark Witch 10th - The Ice Queen 11th - The Crazy Punk 12th - The Breaker 13th - The Chatter Box 14th - The Elephant 15th - The Ostrich 16th - The Celebrity many more to list down... I will explain one by one in my next entry. Tired to type everything tonight... I have all in one package with me right now. Fever, Cough, Flue and headache.

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