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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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My Jang

"Hello Hello Unfamiliar but not awkward it felt nice Hello Hello my angel Stand by my side always" Part of Jang Geun Suk song lyric translation call hello hello. My Jang is coming on June 4th for mini CRI concert. So crazy over him. Yeah! I am in a dreamland again. As usual!!!!! kekekekeke Yup! I am back from Medan last Monday. Too tired to even look at my computer. My mind is tired. My body is tired. I don't like this trip at all because it make me tired. I was hopping for the relaxation trip but end up a bumpy and endless nightmares. I will try my best to write something about my over rated trip this coming weekend. No matter how tired I am right now...... Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! it 's Friday Friday Friday...........Yipeyyyyyyyyy....

Haru Haru aka Day by Day

I was dragging myself to work last week. Thank God it is finally Saturday morning. Yeah .. I can't sleep due to my period pain. Severe pain until I feel I couldn't sleep at all. Yesterday morning , when I was driving to work, I was enjoying listening to this which is my favourite radio station. Enjoy the morning breakfast crew . They are very entertaining and really make you laugh even you are in the mood of crying. Their lastest parody using Rebecca Blake song It's Friday really hillarious. Brighten up the mood swing syndrome. Yeah! back to my couldn't sleep syndrome and wide awake at wee hours. On my desktop for my kpop song list. Yup! I need something to bring back my lost spirit. Listening to Jang Geun Seok, Big Bang , 2PM , Tae Yang ... ah ! many more to list down. Bad news also when I found out my laptop blow this morning. Ah! that junk have been with me for 6 years though! I still need it. I guess time to send for repair. Have an appoin

Monday Blues

Wet Monday again. I am dragging myself to work. It took almost 3 hours to reach office today. Yeah! sounds crazy huh! Why is the traffic very slow when its raining? I wonder... People trying to be extra careful and drive slowly? or driver can't see the road due to its raining? or flash flood? or driver are still sleepy and unable to be in their right mind to drive faster? ah!!!! whatever.... I reached office and get my hot coffee to keep me awake. Yeah! its cold and my mind still on my bed. ehehe On my PC and checked my emails. huhuhuh one candidate I called interview last week wrote back to me, she could not make it for interview tomorrow but she will be available to come for interview on June 10,2011. Omo... why on earth you applying for job if you not available to come for interview? Are you on confinement or something? Anyway, thing need to move on fast. Hopefully my employee handbook briefing mission could go through by next week. Then I will be free to go anywhere I want to.

Flue away

Aisssshhh... I am still 'sicko'! Itchy bitchy spider throat. I feel suffocated. Force myself to go to work as usual and while trying my best to ignore my 'sickoness'. Last night when I was about to sleep after medication, my phone rang. On the other line was my Boss asking me do I have his house key. Ah! you should just ask me where is your blue underwear then. (my heart protest) How the hell I know and I never live there, duh!!!!! Politely, I answer him I don't have your house key. Then he asked me again, Rina who have my house key????? Arrrrrggghhhh!!!! my heart was screaming.....How hell I know??????? I feel like pulling my hair and roll like a spring roll on the floor... What kind of question is this in the middle of the night??? Call your wife and ask for it le!!!!!!! Came to work today with happy mood and my heart is singing it's Friday Friday Friday (Rebecca Black style :)) Hope I could recover soon..... Finally booked hotel for my Medan trip in coming mi

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