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My 1st day

My 1st day really make me have a big headache (migraine to be exact). Maybe I push myself too hard this time.Over do it again! Too much information and too much issues to solve. Big time issues. Most of the people I interviewed have problems on not clear job descriptions. Yeah! need to see people one by one to understand each individual function. Part of restructuring exercise that I need to do for this company. I know its hard to do it but I need to put my brave face and just do it! Today , I manage to see only 3 people ( more towards mid and lower level staff) but enough to give me migraine due to much input to absorb and digest. Early in the morning already interviewed their COO for almost 2 hours plus 1 hour in the evening just to get better picture on whats on in this company. I see opportunity every where from the issues highlighted but I need to sit down and strategise well to get the message through to the board! The way I looking at it the organisation structure is out of pla

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